Mobility & End User Computing

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Mobility & End User Computing

Working side-by-side with Federal agencies and partners including Intel, Motorola, and VMware, Government Acquisitions, Inc. (GAI) provides mobility and end user computing solutions to help you stay safe and productive, anytime, anywhere.

Mobility and end user computing supports your mission by:

  • Lowering overall facilities and technology costs
  • Converging voice, video, and data communication into single devices
  • Improving data security and compliance
  • Achieving compliance with the Federal Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 and BYOD initiatives
  • Reducing overall desktop management costs
  • Optimizing the delivery of desktops, applications, and data to users through Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technologies

Mobilize Missions:

GAI’s mobility and end user computing solutions ease the delivery and management of desktops and applications while improving security and end user experiences.

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