Tactical Communications Anywhere(TacticalCAP) Solution

Tactical Communications Anywhere(TacticalCAP) Solution

When disaster strikes,  every second counts.  The ability to establish and maintain reliable, effective communications during times of natural or man-made disasters is critical to saving lives.  When traditional communications infrastructure is down or not available, an end-to-end solution leveraging troposcatter is the best solution.

Partnering with industry-leading OEMs, Government Acquisitions, Inc. (GAI) provides agencies with the next generation field deployable communications solution: The Tactical Communications Anywhere Platform (TacticalCAP).  TacticalCAP supplies agencies with an extremely reliable, high bandwidth, low latency communications solution. Integrating and optimizing technologies from Comtech Systems, Nutanix, Intel, DellEMC & Kestrel Technology, TacticalCAP provides agencies with high capacity, high reliability, and no delay IP-based communications system. These systems are wholly-owned by the user, and do not rely upon any third-party equipment or services. A properly designed troposcatter solution can provide high availability over the complete life of the system, without incurring any ongoing expenses for bandwidth.

  • Provides a reliable infrastructure with flexible communications options and worldwide support
  •  Provides significant upfront cost savings through software defined infrastructure
  • Assists in the deployment of critical applications in remote areas and hostile environments through fully ruggedized form factors
  • Rapid tactical deployment for on-demand high bandwidth interoperable communications across cellular LTE/3G/4G bands & WiFi X Meets FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria Requirements

Advanced Agency Awareness:

GAI’s HyperCAP solution provides agencies with the real-time cyber awareness for a 360-degree security view.

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