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The State of AI

Build the Future with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deeply coupled technologies including Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will foundationally transform almost every aspect of our lives over the next 5 years. The U.S. is in significant danger of falling behind in terms of focus in this area, as evidenced by the recent Executive Order on this topic. The bipartisan effort behind it requires agencies to develop plans to set up internal efforts to keep the U.S. ahead of our international competitors. In the last available reporting period, U.S. federal spending on Research & Development (R&D) in this vital area grew by 40% to $116B last year. While that is a large number, evidence indicates that competitive nations are investing even more heavily. GAI believes that simply investing dollars without results is not the solution.


Internal Enablers

Path to AI Optimized Agency

diagram with plan, prepare, operate and implement

7 Layers of Technology Stack

Important Enablers Designed For Ultimate AI Visualization

point 1 important

AI Ready High Performance Infrastructure

Hybrid Cloud, High Performance Compute, Hyper Converged Infrastructure, Optimized Storage, GPU Accelerated HPC Purpose Built Appliances, FPGA & ASICs, High Speed Communication Networks, Geo Distributed Data Lakes, Virtualization & Containers, SDN, Blockchain, Object Storage, Next Gen Security Platforms.

point 2 enablers

AI Enabled Smart Endpoints

Sensors, Drones, Smart Devices,Cameras, LIDAR, IOT Devices,Autonomous Endpoints

point 3 designed

Data Ingestion & Preparation

High Speed Data Ingestion, Cleansing, Classification, Normalization, Tagging & Labelling, Indexing and Correlation, DataModeling & Training

point 4 FOR

Deep Learning Frameworks

TensorFlow, Caffe, Pytorch, MXnet, H2O, CNTK, SciKit, Theano, ApacheSINGA, CUDA Cores

point 5 ultimate

Deep Learning User Software & Libraries

Apache Arrow, Apache Spark, NVIDIA RAPIDS, NVIDIA DIGITS, Supervised and unsupervised Learning Software

Point 6 AI

Containerized GPU Accelerated

AI Applications

GPU Databases, Satellite Imagery Fusion, Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Image Recognition, Responsibility Determination Bots, User Behavior Analytics for Insider Threat Detection

point 7 visualization

Rapid Data Visualization &

Decision Making

Rich Data Visualization & Mission Enablement by Data Scientists,Data Analysts, AI Center ofExcellence (COE).

An AI Case Study

AUDREY Watches Out

for First Responders

In an emergency, first responders can experience information overload. A new pilot project testing a voice-activated, human-like reasoning system, powered by artificial intelligence, aims to help. By enhancing situational awareness and sorting through mountains of data in mere seconds, the system will help first responders manage their critical workloads, aiding the responders in what they are most focused on — saving and protecting lives.

Accelerated AI

Best Practices for Implementing

AI in Government Agencies

Today’s advancements in artificial intelligence are well known. AI has begun to seep into our everyday activities from how we commute to how we shop to how we watch television. But for government, the evolution of AI and the potential it provides hasn’t yet come to fruition.

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